Lentils have been part of the human diet since aceramic Neolithic times

We use greek boild lentils with lots of fresh vegetables such as carots, zucchini, red peppers and dill to create a colourful salad with a taste of spice coming from the added smoked herring chops

The unbeatble golden colour of the smoked herrings

A delicacy to accompany your tsipouro

How to…

First we boil the lentils “al dente” and leave them under runing cold water to clean them. Then we have choped in small cubes all vegetables and the smoked herring filets and add them to the lentils. Lots of extra vergin olive oil and wine vinegar with drops of fresh grinded pepper are used to complete the recipe. We close with thin sliced fresh dill and mixing all ingredients softly and generously. ENJOY !

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